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Kaizen Five Element Retreats

positive change
Restore your, mind body and spirit 
Find out the best retreat option based 
on your 'Five element' blueprint


Walk away with a renewed sense of self and 

a nourished mind and body

Kaizen well-being retreats are perfectly tailored to take you on a journey to rejuvenate all systems of the body, calm the mind and restore peace.

Based on the Chinese philosophy of health it is said that our body structure, emotional tendencies, temperaments, behaviours, illnesses and moods are a synergy between five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  

In order to restore balance and sustain a healthy life there needs to be an equilibrium between these elements within our bodies.  Understanding and addressing your unique structure and natural rhythms will help you feel refreshed, nurtured and ready to thrive in your everyday life. 

Find out your core element take the  'Five element' blueprint. 

Scroll down to find out more about our One day or Weekend retreats 


 Wood element retreat 

Detoxify your mind and body for growth and change. Purify and decongest to gain balance. Release nervous tension to feel light and free. 


Fire element retreat

Restore your natural movement, warmth, vitality and energy. This retreat incorporates natural cooling and soothing activities for body, mind and spirit.


Earth element retreat

Restore equilibrium to ground body and mind. Bring skin to its optimum healthy state, natural brightness and radiance. 


Metal element retreat

Clear away the old to prepare for the new. Harvest, rejuvenate and boost your natural body reserves. Provide your body, mind and spirit with the extra nourishment it needs. 


Water element retreat 

Nurture, hydrate, support and calm your body, mind and spirit. Boost your skin’s dryness caused by excessive wind, cold or heating. 



Kirsten prado

“It takes a special person to help you achieve 100% true happiness. That's how I felt walking away from Kaizen detox retreat, truely internally happy.
I would recommed anyone who needs a 'pick me up' regardless of your circumstances to go see Andrea or attend the detox retreat. Since returning I have been promoted, fixed broken relationships and felt relaxed and happy for the first time in a long time.
Do yourself a favour and invest in your happiness, go to the Kaizen retreat


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Kaizen Health retreats?

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