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Fire element retreat

Image by Vanessa Schmid

Restore your natural joy, warmth vitality and energy. This retreat incorporates activities to ignite all systems of body, mind and spirit. Choose this if your ready to light up your life and connect from the heart.

The fire within us represents the light to which we shine. That strong energy that keeps us moving forward, ignites our metabolism and is responsible for all transformative processes in both our physical and emotional existence. 


This element represents the relationship we have with ourselves and the people in our lives. It helps us connect to experience love, intimacy and oneness. It is the energy that provides us with inspiration, creativity and enjoyment. 


When this energy is out of balance we become anxious, confused, we can feel dull and tired. We loose our ability to connect with others experiencing isolation and loneliness. 

Are you experiencing a fire element imbalance?

Take the '5 element' blueprint test to find out 

About the Fire element retreat

Embark on a transformative  journey to restore the heart. Develop a deeper sense of self and a radiant inner warmth. 


This retreat is ideal if:​

  • If your ready to light up your life and connect from the heart.

  • You want to develop more self love

  • Your are looking to support and regulate your blood circulation. 

  • Your skin is showing signs of redness or paleness. 

  • You are experiencing skin rashes, itching or you have inflamed joints. 

  • You are affected by constant nightmares, sleep depravation or irregular sleeping patterns. 

  • You would like to restore your natural sense of joy, improve your memory, conscious thinking and libido. 


Come on your own or with a group of friends. These One day or weekend retreats are available for groups of up to 4 people. 

Check out our beautiful installations here: copy 10.jpg copy 11.jpg

The Kaizen Fire element extended retreat will contain the following:

  • Overnight accomodation for up to 4 people

  • All meals included during your stay - Nutritious plant-based cooking to nature the fire element.

  • Daily movement and exercise including nature walks- opening up the lymphatic, the endocrine and energy systems of the body. 

  • Kundalini and yin-yoga sessions to shift stuck energy from the heart space. 

  • Kinesiology techniques and deep guided meditations 

  • Five element aromatherapy massage

  • Five element soothing  facial 

  • Healing light therapy sessions

  • Infrared sauna sessions

  • Integrative healing session to heal and open the heart 

  • Relax time switching off from technology and emf.

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