Wood element retreat

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The Wood Element enables us to move forward with a clear vision and sharp determination. Wood signifies creation- birth and life. Uplift you're natural skin and body rhythms for growth and change. Great to help purify, release tension and nourish the body and mind.

When the wood element within our bodies is balanced  we become natural leaders, our mind finds stillness and we are in a better position to  make better judgment and have a more flexible approach in life. 

This element helps us regulate our overall body flow and movement. It controls our digestion, blood formation and cleansing.

When unbalanced we experience stiffness, pain on the right side of trunk. Migraines and headaches, stiff shoulder and neck, spasms, cramps, repressed anger, frustration, irritability, impatience or bitterness. 

Are you experiencing a wood element imbalance?

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About the Wood element retreat

On this one day, mid week  or weekend retreat we will go on a journey to rejuvenate all systems of the body affected by the wood element imbalance. 


This retreat is ideal if:

  • You are looking how to better support your liver.

  • You want to remove toxicity , mentally/emotionally or physically.

  • Remove added toxins or impurities from your skin

  • Support and restore your immune system.

  • Want to relieve constant headaches or migraines

  • You are looking to nurture new ideas, move forward with your plans, motivate change.

  • Become assertive, make better decisions and get inspired by your unique vision.


Come on your own or with a group of friends. These One day, mid week or weekend retreats are available for groups of up to 4 people. 

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The Kaizen Wood element overnight retreats will contain the following:

  • Overnight accomodation

  • All meals included during your stay - Nutritious plant-based cooking- all food based on your element.

  • Daily movement opening up the lymphatic, the endocrine and energy systems of the body. Specific stretches to move energy from gallbladder and liver  meridian systems. 

  • Yoga sessions to shift stuck energy from the fascia and body.

  • Kinesiology techniques and deep guided meditations 

  • Five element healing massage

  • Five element facial 

  • Aura cleansing light therapy sessions

  • Infrared sauna sessions

  • Integrative healing session to take you out of fight/flight and to balance any toxicity in the body. 

  • Relax time switching off from technology and emf.

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